Through Baptism we become a member of the body of Christ and are incorporated into the Church, sharing in its mission. The principal effects of Baptism are purification from sins and a new birth in the Holy Spirit. 
The Catholic Church baptizes all ages. 
For infants the Church requires formation and catechesis for parents in preparation for the baptism of their children. 
Adolescents and adults are prepared for Baptism through a process called the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation). Please see RCIA , Faith Formation or call the parish office. 760-747-2322 

"Let the children come to me and do not hinder them. It is to just such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.” Mark 10:14 

Please stop by the parish office to pick up paperwork. 

We Would Ask The Following Of Parents And Godparents


  1. To have your child baptized at least one parent should be Catholic as well as one Godparent.
  2. We ask for your attendance at our Baptismal Preparation Sessions.


 Before attending the Baptismal Preparation Sessions, you may want to consider who your child’s Godparent will be.

  1. The Church only requires one Godparent for your child’s baptism.  You may select two if you wish.
  2. Your Godparent must be over the age of 16,  be a fully initiated member of the Catholic Church, having received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist, and be practicing their faith. 
  3. If your Godparent(s) are married, they have to be in good standing with the Catholic Church.  (Married in the Church)
  4. If you are thinking of choosing a second Godparent  who is baptized in another Christian faith, they will be a “Christian Witness” on the Baptismal Record.
  5. Your child’s Godparents can attend the Baptism Preparation Sessions here at Church of the Resurrection or be fulfilled in the Godparents’ own Parish. (provide a letter of attendance)
What Steps To Follow Next
  1.  Stop by the Parish Offices and fill out the Baptismal Registration form.  Please bring with you the following   documents:
    *Your Child’s Birth Certificate
    *Parents’ Catholic Marriage Certificate
    *Godparents, if married, a copy of their Catholic Church Marriage Certificate
  2. Our  Baptismal Sessions are held on:  
    *The 1st and 2nd Tuesdays of each month at 6:30pm in our Parish Hall or
    *The 3rd and 4th Saturdays of each month at 4:30pm  in our Parish Hall 
    These sessions are for adults only.  Babysitting can be provided. Please notify the office a week in advance if you need babysitting.
  3. Choose which Baptismal Preparation Evening you wish to attend.  You may also begin preparing for your child’s baptism before your child is born.
  4. If you, the Parents or Godparents are not married or registered in our Catholic Community of Resurrection, please know that you will be asked to make an appointment with Father or a Deacon of our Parish.

 Pediríamos lo Siguiente de Padres y Padrinos


  1. Para bautizar tu niño/a, uno de los padres sería un   miembro de la Iglesia Católica.
  2. Que los padres participan en las sesiones Bautismales.


 Antes de participar en las sesiones bautismales, considere quien será el padrino o madrina de su hijo o hija.

  1. La Iglesia requiere solamente un padrino.  Pueden ser dos si lo desean.
  2. Padrinos deben ser más de 16 años y un miembro practicante de la iglesia y que tenga los sacramentos de Bautismo, Confirmación y Eucaristía.
  3. Si los padrinos son casados, tienen que ser miembros  activos con su Sacramento de Matrimonio.
  4. Si Ustedes quieren otro padrino/madrina de otra fe, se le reconoce como “Testigos Cristianos” en el record.
  5. Los Padrinos pueden participar en las sesiones Bautismales aquí en Iglesia de la Resurrección o en sus propias Iglesias.
 Que Pasos Para Seguir
  1. Visite la Oficina de la Iglesia y llene la Forma de registry para el Bautismo.  Por Favor, lleve con usted a esta visita las siguientes formas:
    Una copia del Certificado del Nacimiento
    *Una copia del Certificado del Sacramento de
      Matrimonio de los Padres
    *Los Padrinos, si están casados en la Iglesia, una
      copia de su certificado de Matrimonio
  2. Las Sesiones Bautismales son:
    *El  primer
    o y segundo martes de cada mes a las  6:30pm en el Salón Parroquial o
    *El tercer
    o y cuarto Sábado del mes a las 4:30pm  en el Salón Parroquial
    Estas clases son para adultos solamente.
    Cuidado de niños puede ser proveído por un costo adicional Por favor comuníquese con la oficina.
  3. Escojaen que sesiones quieren participar, Martes o   Sábado.  También puede comenzar la preparación de Bautizo antes de que nazca su hijo o hija.
  4. Si los Padres o Padrinos no son casados o registrados en nuestra Iglesia de la Resurrección, deberá hacer una cita  con el Sacerdote o Diacono de nuestra parroquia.     

The rite of reconciliation, often called "confession" is the sacrament in which Christ forgives our sins and reconciles us to our fellow Christians. Its sign or ceremony is the sinner's showing his sorrow by acknowledging his sins and the priest's words of forgiveness and reconciliation in Christ's name. 
The Rite of Reconciliation can be celebrated any time.  Our schedule of times is posted on our website, in our bulletin, or call the parish office for an appointment.

Christ's presence among us in the Eucharist (Holy Communion) has always been a key teaching of the Catholic faith. It has been the constant teaching of the Church from the beginning; the clear belief found in early Christian documents is overwhelming. Through bread and wine Christ becomes present in the Eucharistic celebration; somehow Christ himself is now truly present under this form of food as St. Paul says succinctly. (1 Corinthians 11, 27-30)


Confirmation is the completion of baptism, the giving of the full power of a Christian. "Confirmation" means a strengthening -- this sacrament strengthens and increases what we receive at baptism, particularly the power of bearing witness to Christ. To emphasize this, the ceremony of confirmation includes a renewal of our baptismal promises. We now become full-fledged members of the Church, lay apostles in the fullest sense. The bishop normally confirms the young people in a special ceremony. Adults who are not confirmed can be confirmed when the Bishop comes or at the Easter Vigil. Please call the parish office if you need to be confirmed.

Weddings are scheduled by calling the parish office at least nine months prior to the intended date of the wedding. Marriage preparation is then accomplished during that period before the wedding.

In the sacrament of the anointing of the sick, Christ uses the anointing and prayers of the priest to give comfort and strength to the soul and to the body of one seriously ill. We meet Christ here to receive his healing comfort, strength, and pardon. 

Anyone who is seriously ill, mentally or physically, may take part in it -- or a condition which is so serious as to demand surgery with a general anesthetic or even one who is weak from old age. Don't be afraid to call for the Pastor to minister this sacrament at every serious change in your condition. In an emergency or serious illness if sick and confined to a home, entering a hospital or local nursing home, please notify the office.