March 2, 2019

Sat 8 am


Sirach 17:1-15; Ps 103:13-18


            The Gospel said, “People were bringing children to Jesus…” Imagine all the children coming around Jesus, all different shapes & sizes and colors. All with different demeanors: some quiet, some shy, some loud and rambunctious, some inquisitive and so on. Just in your own family each child is different and unique. I always get a kick out of the Sunday children’s dismissal. Some kids are so shy they barely make it up in front while some are bouncing all around talking to their friends. Well no matter what type of child came around Jesus, He welcomed them and He loved them. He had patience with them and He was overjoyed that they came to Him.

          The same is true for us adults. We are all different yet Jesus welcomes us & loves us. He just wants us to come to Him and to get close to Him. He is overjoyed when we draw close to Him in a personal relationship through prayer, His Word and the Sacraments. He is overjoyed when we trust in Him as a child trusts their parents.

          If you would…imagine yourself as one of those children in the middle of the crowd of those who came to Jesus yet He welcomes you personally, touches you with a warm embrace and makes you feel special. Now go out and do the same!


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