The readings on the 2nd Sunday of Advent continue to give us hope as they look to the present day as well as the future coming of Christ. In the first reading from the Prophet Isaiah, which was written in the 8th century B.C., we hear of the Righteous, Just One who would come. He would be “a sprout from the shoot of Jesse” who was the father of King David. This meant that the promised messiah would be from the family line of David. This Just One would be filled with the gifts of the Spirit and He would be a just judge who would bring peace.


In the Gospel John the Baptist was the herald who announced this Just One, Jesus the Christ, who baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire. He would come once to forgive but would come again a second time to judge with justice with “His winnowing fan in His hand…and gather His wheat into His barn, but the chaff He will burn with unquenchable fire.” This is a stern, fair warning for all in the world.


And in the 2nd reading St. Paul tells the disciples “welcome all as Christ welcomed you” and that the Kingdom of this Just One is open to all, Jew as well as Gentile. St. Paul tells us that we are given hope in Christ through the scriptures which are written for our instruction.


During this Advent, as disciples of Christ, the Just and Righteous One, let us place our hope in Him as we trust the Word of God and be guided and encouraged by it. When we do we receive the peace that only He can give, a peace that passes all human understanding.



Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus…give us hope and peace.

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